Latin America is a vast land of 33 countries with a total population of 650 million (currently as of 2018) representing 8.5% of total world population. Also, it has a widespread extension of Latino communities in Spain, Portugal and the United States and has formed a large international community across three continents Europe-United States-Latin America. Considering this fact, the necessity of comprehensive research on characteristics, politics, economy and society of Latin America regions is becoming ever more important in order to actively respond to increasingly diversifying international relations.

In order to meet such scholastic and practical demand, the Institute proposes a new model of Latin America regional studies by conducting overall and scholastic research across Latin American regional societies based on accumulated research accomplishment and overseas network.

  1. In reflection of the necessity for in-depth research on Latin America, propose a new model of regional studies by systematically accumulating information and data and conducting academic research.
  2. Contribute to both academic development and relationship with Latin America by training regional specialists and strengthening interactions with domestic and overseas institutes and organizations.
  3. Accomplish social duties of the Institute by concretizing research output into.
The aim is to establish the Institution as a major Latin American institute and further develop into a global Latin American institute through leading research activity, human capital development, expansion of global network and social contribution of research output.


1989. 07. 03 Founded as “Institute of Spanish Latin American Studies” at College of Humanities, Seoul National University
2005. 02. 28 Merged into Institute of Spanish Latin American Studies at Institute of Humanities, Seoul National University
2008. 04. 20 Expanded and reorganized into Institute of Latin American Studies at Seoul National University
2008. 11. 10 Selected as “Humanities Korea (HK) Institute” in overseas regional studies area